Maybe you're a busy woman who's a small business owner, solopreneur or entrepreneur. And you're also mom with kids to take care of.

Discover more balance and stop feeling drained and depleted from overwhelm, overdrive and over-giving... so you can finally have more time and energy for you and your family! 

This 5-part mini-course is for you if: 

  • You feel like you’re on a rollercoaster of “to do”… but wish you could take time off to recharge your batteries, and free up space in your schedule
    to do yoga or meditate, go running or be out in nature, or just sit on the couch and read or watch a movie

  • You're pulled in different directions by work and family, you’re juggling and playing catch-up, feeling guilty about not getting everything done... when instead you want to reconnect with yourself, feel more peaceful, and be in alignment physically, emotionally and spiritually

  • Maybe you’ve been neglecting your health by eating unhealthy food, skipping meals or staying up late, so you’re feeling drained and depleted, moody and snappy… but you really want to take care of yourself, exercise and eat organic food so you can feel positive and keep your energy up

  • You give and give, often feeling you have to say “yes” while putting others first, guilty about taking time for yourself. Finally, you’re ready to value yourself, give to yourself, feel more fulfilled and enjoy your life.

  • Your life is a revolving door, and you're playing “tag in and tag out” with your husband, when you’d rather hang out together talking, and instead of chauffeuring the kids around you wish you could have more quality family time to create memories

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"Transform the 3 O's
Overwhelm, Overdrive

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into more Time and Energy
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Happier and Healthier"

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