Devora was a contributing element in taking my coaching business to the next level of expansion and abundance.
 is a nurturing loving soul, and has a gift and passion for connecting with the Divine.
One of the most profound moments in our session was when she joined me in connecting with the Divine for clarity.
Within seconds the insights unfolded.  After working with her, you will walk away with tools and knowledge for leading
a more Divinely connected, peaceful, richer and blessed life."

Sharon Svenson, Svenson Hypnosis-Coaching to revitalize, heal, and energize your body, mind and soul


If you're pulled in different directions by work and family:
  • you want to do a lot of things at the same time
  • and never seem to get much done, always having something else to do
  • frustrated, stressed and resentful that you don't have time for yourself
  • worn down with low energy
  • stressed and about to crash

And instead you want to feel:

  • in the flow
  • more free, peaceful and relaxed
  • reconnected with yourself
  • fulfilled in all aspects of your life

Then you're in the right place.



I tap into my Divine Connection to help you be more aligned physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually -- easily and naturally...

I help you transform from being stressed to feeling blessed! 





"You help me to grow, become more of who I want to be, see the positive and align myself more with the person I want to become and manifest that. Spiritually, you help me align with the Divine bounty and love that's accessible to me."
Yael Enkin, Artist




"You support me in aligning with my highest wisest self, my soul, my innermost truth."
Haya Baker, Emotional Wellness Coach



"I'm feeling more peaceful and grounded, slowed down and took care of myself – ended up accomplishing so much more. I feel a softness of heart and body that pleases me to experience again – it’s been a while. Since the Q&A a lot has shifted and I’ve reconnected with…what is truly important to me – and for this I send a deep bow. Thank you so much.” Svea Van der Horn,
Educational Psychologist, IFC PCC Coach at Solution-Focused Futures, Cape Town, South Africa




Not enough time in your day?  Feeling drained and depleted? 

Ready to create more time and more energy so you can recharge, have more freedom and get back into alignment?

The "More Time and Energy" Discovery Call may be just what you need! 

--> This free, 20-minute laser-focused session is for women who are motivated about making changes in their life. I will help you get clear on what's REALLY holding you back from having more time and energy. You'll receive resources or recommendations to move you closer to your goals. By the end of the session, you'll know what your next step will be in order to create more time and have more energy to feel healthier and be happier. 

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