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Divine Abundance MP3

This unique healing mp3 helps you tune into new possibilities for whatever you are desiring or resonating with at the moment you listen. It is infused with Divine healing energy to help you feel more expansive, receptive and inspired to manifest what you want. Divine wisdom will make sure you receive exactly what you need. The high vibrational energy is set to relaxing music. 


"Your mp3 prayer intention healing with music helped me be open to Source and attract my first paying client in months."

"I was having serious doubts about my marriage. Since listening to the Divine Healing Abundance audio I've gained new insights and perspectives about my husband and about myself. Instead of feeling despair, I am more hopeful and open to change." 

"I was feeling anxious about my child who was travelling alone. I played Divine Healing Abundance, and immediately I heard someone turning on an electric tool outside that started on the same note. Then when the note of the song went up, so did the sound of the tool! I felt that the Divine was communicating to me and comforting me." 

Music: "Clouds, Peace and Serenity" -


7.00 USD

Divine Abundance MP3 Bundle

This small bundle of audio mp3s is designed to help you become more aligned, present and connected to your abundant potential. 


Here and Now (50s)

  • Use to overcome procrastination and distractions
  • Helps to focus getting into the present moment so you can take your next steps for your business
  • Short and to the point to pull you quickly into the moment so you can get back on track
  • Otherworldly vocal mantra with drone background 


I am Open to Receiving (2m)

  • Designed to help overcome blocks of not feeling worthy or deserving
  • Increase opportunities that will move you forward in life and/or business
  • Otherworldly vocal mantra with Indian tanpura drone background 


 Divine Abundance (5.28m)

  • High vibrational audio infused with Divine source energy
  • Designed to expand your energy field so you can be receptive and inspired to manifest what you desire
  • Helps you tune into new possibilities for whatever you are resonating with while listening
  • Opens you to abundance in health, wealth and/or relationships
  • Instrumental
  • (Music used with permission from Original soundtrack entitled "Clouds, Peace and Serenity")

14.00 USD

Courage, Risks and Rewards Self-Study Program

In this home-study course, you will connect to 5 key areas that will help you transcend fear and manifest the courage to take new risks and achieve great rewards. You will reflect on the concept of risk in order to change and make improvements in your life and business, as well as tune into specific, manageable steps. And you will observe from different perspectives what it means to take risks, and visualize how the rewards for taking chances far outweigh the costs. This training will open new doors to exciting possibilities!

97.00 USD

Momentum Coaching/Healing Package



  • 40-minute deep, energy-shifting healing session with me so you can let go of limiting beliefs and emotional blocks, get laser-focused on your goals and create your action plan

  • Ongoing access to me as your Transformation Coach and Healer around your specific issues in life and business

  • Accountability for taking action in your life with more ease and better balance so you can reduce stress and avoid burning out

  • Unlimited communication for the next 30 days with me so you can start making these important changes in your life

  • Expert guidance to respond to your questions and concerns, and share your victories and celebrations so you will feel supported, seen and heard, cared for and energized 

  • A private and password-protected online client log to organize communication so you can easily share your updates as well as receive coaching responses, encouragement, insight, and resources tailored to your personal needs

Includes money-back guarantee if you participate fully and don't get any results. 

297.00 USD

Accelerator Materials

These are the forms and materials you will use throughout the Coaching Business Accelerator Program.

0.00 USD