Client Reviews

Holistic Coaching

‚Äč"It’s always so powerful to meet with you. This work is so holistic. It works on so many levels."  Hadassa Bentolila

I'm Empowered Now

"Your presence for my inner process was so powerful.
Your coaching questions were so helpful. 
I feel empowered to be fully me."  Anonymous 

I Stopped Giving it Away for Free!

"I had a breakthrough in my session today with Devora Gila.  I was feeling resentful for giving away my time and energy to prospects who weren't interested in investing in my services. Devora's coaching and healing exercise helped me get clear on this issue and start to release it. I ended the session with the commitment to create better boundaries for myself, attract quality clients, take ownership in my business, and to finally start charging for the valuable initial consultation that I give. Thank you, Devora Gila!"  Anonymous 

I Earned in One Month What I Earned in the Entire Previous Year!

"Before working with Devora Gila, I was insecure and anxious about my abilities as an artist. I was afraid that I was never good enough. I’d also think to myself, “Who do you think you are to put this out into the world?”

Paperwork and bureaucracy gave me panic attacks, so I would let the mail pile up. Because of this, I had to pay tons of money in late fines, and even had my account shut down. The emotional pain around these fears was unbearable. Worst of all, I lost self-respect for not being able to “get it together.”

I hit rock bottom when I suffered a serious health crisis due to all of the stress. For six weeks I thought I was at the end. My face had swelled up so that I couldn’t see and I had terrible headaches. Being so sick made me realized what was important in my life. I made a promised that if I got better, I would take my goals seriously and put my creativity out there. I soon heard about Devora Gila’s work through a friend who had experienced life-changing results with her. 

Devora Gila is so positive and believes that people can do amazing things. Having a connection to that positive energy enabled me to move beyond my self-imposed boundaries and believe that bigger things are possible.

The most super-helpful aspect of working with Devora Gila was the whole mindset switch. It was like being able to flip a switch and see things in a different light. It changed the perspective I have about myself and my life.

I liked the sense of accountability that coaching gave me. I had to call back and say, “Yes, I’ve done it.” This built my courage to take the next steps for my business, which included continuing with a business coach, which I never would have dreamed of doing before. This was huge for me. And within six months of my first session with Devora Gila, I earned in one month what I earned in the entire previous year!

Another recent success is that I applied to sell my artwork over Amazon. I said, “OK, I’m going to try this,” and I was accepted! A year ago I never would have applied. The application to Amazon was a long process, but because of the work I did with Devora Gila and the tools she gave me, I was able to follow through.

On the professional side of things, Devora Gila helped me expand my comfort zone to learn new things. Not only am I learning to manage the details of running a business, but I’m also branching out into metals and jewelry-making – areas I’d previously been afraid to explore.

Now people from the art world are impressed by my studio, and I’m getting better feedback from buyers. And now that I’m not afraid to open the mail, I find coupons and thank-you notes for being a valued customer – I really feel God smiling down on me. Thank you, Devora Gila!"  Yael Enkin, Artist

You Can Quickly Transform Blocks into Possibility

"Devora's listening is so unique, her empathy so strong and her presence so supportive while you go through your process. You'll feel somebody there who knows you can do this, who knows your true worth, and has a clear idea of how quickly you can transform blocks into possibility."
Haya Baker, Wellness Coach

I am Eternally Grateful

"I’m a mom, and I’m an entrepreneur. Through my work with Devora, I was able to recognize that my “stated” goal (which was not materializing) was not, in fact, my true goal. This was a powerful revelation for me. What I appreciate most about Devora is her gentle reminder to align yourself with your Source, and her ability to take gold nuggets of beauty and help you put them into song. I love to be loved, and walked away with much love for myself. Devora’s coaching transcends the typical, bringing sound and chanting and celebration of all that I am into light. And for that, I am eternally grateful.  If you are a mother who puts herself last, do yourself a favor and talk to Devora Gila Berkowitz." Carol Williams, Productivity Coach 

Understanding, Supportive, Attentive 

"Devora Gila has a remarkable way of understanding the needs of her clients. She is supportive, attentive and deeply discerning. I recommend her for anyone who is serious about gaining clarity regarding their life goals and attaining them."  
Shloime Zaks, Entrepreneur (Audio Books)  and Life & Business Coach


Taking my Business to the Next Level

“Devora is a nurturing loving soul, and has a gift and passion for connecting with the Divine.
One of the most profound moments in our session was when she joined me in connecting with the Divine for clarity.
Within seconds the insights unfolded.

She was a contributing element in taking my coaching business to the next level of expansion and abundance.
She gives you lots of resources and exercises for wisdom and healing.
You will walk away with tools and knowledge for leading a more Divinely connected, peaceful, richer and blessed life."
Sharon Svenson, Svenson Hypnosis-Coaching to revitalize, heal, and energize your body, mind and soul.

More Flow and Enjoyment in My Business

"Before Devora's coaching, I was working very hard, but that's just it, everything was so hard. Devora's compassionate and focused questions made me realize how much pain I was forcing myself through. She helped me come to grips with my need to change. I realized it wasn't about quitting, it was about making adjustments to realign, to feel more flow and enjoyment. Now I have naturally found my path - and it feels so right, and so much easier. Thank you!" 
- Karen Carlson, Videographer and Coach

More Peaceful and Grounded

“After the class, I'm feeling more peaceful and grounded, slowed down and took care of myself – ended up accomplishing so much more. I feel a softness of heart and body that pleases me to experience again – it’s been a while. Since the Q&A a lot has shifted and I’ve reconnected with…what is truly important to me – and for this I send a deep bow. Thank you so much.” Svea Van der Horn, Educational Psychologist, IFC PCC Coach at Solution-Focused Futures, Cape Town, South Africa

I Can be More Genuine and Get New Clients

“Before my session with Devora, I felt very tired and frustrated with myself and my business. It was all work with so little coming back to me. I want to make an impact, but one of my biggest hurdles was initiating conversations to directly ask people how I can help them, and inviting people to work with me in my healing and coaching practice.  I had racked up a lot of student debt and credit card debt, and was just continuing to beat myself up for not taking more active steps toward generating my own business.

One of my biggest takeaways from my session with Devora was being more "me", being more genuine in my interactions with others. Without having Devora to see the bigger picture for me and offer alternative ways to view the situation, I probably would have continued to be angry with myself and try to force things.

As a result of that shift, I've been able to enjoy my conversations with people more and focus on being present, especially when meeting new people. And by being simply me, I've had a couple individuals sign up for a couple of my services since. I am more at ease, willing to just let things grow and develop as they will.”
Melissa Valdellon, Energy Healer 


Thank You for Your Powerful Insights! 

Your coaching helped me get clear about how a few simple shifts can make great changes. It allowed me to make time for myself so I can grow my business forward. I just got back from a women's networking conference, made some great contacts, feel excited and motivated to keep going. Thank you for being in my circle!  Chana Frazin, doTerra Wellness Advocate


Making Positive Choices in All Aspects of My Life

"Devora Gila’s coaching is the connective tissue that aligns all I’ve ever learned and known with my ability now to incorporate positive behavioral choices in all aspects of my life."   Heftziba Chase, Homeopath


I Connected to the Divine and Developed Greater Self-Expression

"After one session with Devora Gila, I discovered that I am an instrument through which G*d’s love flows. This has helped me enormously to express myself in the moment and...allow this Greatness to come through me. I am grateful for your guidance.  A.T., Mother

More Confidence, New Job, Improved Relationship

"When I lost my job for the third time in three months, I knew it was time to contact Devora Gila. I was struggling with believing in myself and my capabilities. This self-doubt affected my relationships. I didn’t really know how to speak to people, how to communicate effectively, particularly with my husband.

I was caught in negative energy, including a financial struggle, not having gratitude for things, not having a good marriage relationship.

As a result of coaching with Devora Gila, I developed more confidence and positive energy.  I’ve stopped putting myself down and can look at the possibilities. I landed a new job and have started to see improvements in my relationship with my husband.”

I love, love, love the affirmations and the active take-home exercises. I like that we do homework because I like to be actively involved in the process.  I like getting Devora Gila’s ongoing feedback and putting that into practice. I am looking forward to working again together in the future!"   J.M., Marketing Specialist


"Devora Gila knows how to help you make sense of your life story and bring it to the one point that matters and help you fix it."  F.N., Mother


I Can Finally Allow Myself to Be Happy and Get the Support I Need

"Before working with Devora Gila, I never thought I had a right to sing. I had wanted to, but was always afraid. I also felt stuck creatively. Devora Gila helped me to heal my voice and be open to what's possible for me.

Now I can see new opportunities and outlets for my creativity. I can finally allow myself to be happy and get the support I need so I can focus on my new direction. Thanks to Devora Gila, I can speak my truth and express my true self."  N.S., Performance Artist


My Body is Naturally Realigning Itself 
and My
 Children are More Cheerful

"Before working with Devora Gila, I felt intimidated about managing my coaching business. And as a mother, I felt inadequate and guilty for being too tired around my children, who were often moody.

After working with Devora Gila, I'm now able to tackle those previously daunting work-related tasks feeling 
free, centered, aligned and supported – more than ever before in my life! As a result, my body is realigning itself from using new muscles. Even my children have become less moody and more cheerful.

Devora Gila's masterful work is success coaching, relationship coaching, and healing all at once!
Thank you so much, Devora Gila, for motivating me to become more of myself than ever before!"   L.B., Health Coach

After 20 Years of Marriage, We Finally Feel United

"Before I started working with Devora Gila, my husband and I had poor communication.  I wasn't able to articulate my feelings in a way that he could hear. Now, after two decades of marriage, my husband and I finally feel united. We are finding solutions instead of just arguing and complaining.  I feel so much more secure in my marriage relationship. Thank you, Devora Gila!"   E. R. Wellness Practitioner

I'm a Better Parent Now

“Before working with Devora Gila I would let my child call the shots in the home
and it was highly disruptive of my parental role. I was afraid to stand in that role
and would fold in the face of pressure and it was so stressful. She was constantly
testing my parenthood and challenging me to rise to the occasion to be that parent for her.

Devora Gila supported me immensely on an emotional and practical level
when I was dealing with this challenge. She helped me understand what my choices were
and see clearly what I needed to do in order to take my central parental role in the relationship
and not back down in the face of my child’s tantrums. Devora Gila helped me create an energetic boundary
so that I could recreate the relationship instead of falling back into my unhealthy pattern.
She helped me find my ability to stand firm and be the strong parent that I needed to be for my child.

Right after Devora Gila helped me find my center, my next encounters with my child
were a blessing. She understood the boundaries I had set for her and was loving and highly respectful.
She was calm and was a pleasure to be around. She was also accommodating and helpful to everybody.

Now instead of being intimidated, I have the tools I need to maintain my role as a parent.
Devora Gila gave me the gift of her powerful presence. She supported me to take a stand
to be what I needed to become. She was there for me each step of the way, giving space
while helping me become the parent that I have ultimately chosen to be.

Working with Devora Gila is better than any counselor I have ever spoken to.
She is so real and not afraid to be vulnerable and have her own challenges 
in her own life. This is what makes her able to help the women in our generation.
She has that unique ability to be present for others in a loving and accepting way
and bring out the best in others because she does it for herself."  T.R., Life Coach

I Finally Can Accept Who I Truly Am

"Devora Gila! Learning with you has influenced me to accept the truth of who I truly am and make a HUGE, terrifying life-changing decision. You are a courageous warrior of your own inner landscape, with an inexhaustible and unapologetic drive to grow and resource yourself. The tools you offer are extremely powerful for anyone looking to move and grow in new ways and your presence and enthusiasm are, in and of themselves, healing and break down inner walls. Thanks for being so YOU."  M.D., Healer

We Have More Peace in our Home

“Before working with Devora Gila, I was ready to make changes in my life and relationships. I knew where I wanted to go, but I didn’t know how to get there.  I spent a lot of time worrying about the future. I felt helpless, like I was drowning in my emotions. I didn’t know how I was going to make it...

Thanks to the tools Devora Gila has given me, I was able to change my life rapidly on a deep level – in both my attitude inside me and in my reaction to people around me. I used to have the sense that I was drowning in my emotions.

Now I give and receive much more freely and openly with a full heart, I’m more open to spontaneity with my husband and children, and I feel calmer and more centered. I am no longer afraid of being judged by others. One incredible improvement in my life is a feeling of more warmth in the house and less stress. The kids feel more appreciated and are more helpful.  My husband and I now take walks together almost every day. Above all, I am able to quickly shift from negative feelings and associations into positive ones. These changes feel like such a natural part of me.

I feel grateful that I invested my time working with Devora Gila and persisted through it. And I am thankful to Hashem for making it all a natural and smooth progression.  I really appreciate Devora Gila’s warmth, acceptance and encouragement, and for giving me the support to keep going. And for helping me see that making deep changes can be possible.”  T.R., Mother of 5


My Husband is Growing Along with Me

"My personal growth work with Devora Gila was a catalyst for my husband to do the same.
I saw a sudden openness in him that I've been waiting for, for such a long time.
He recently shared a realization about understanding himself better: he understood why
he felt disconnected from the children and now he knows he can fix it."   S. A., Homeopath

Coming Back to Myself

"Before getting coaching from Devora Gila, I was stuck in a downward energy spiral.
I kept asking myself: What am doing here? Where am I? I have always had an intuitive voice,
but Devora Gila helped me bring it out and have the confidence to share it with others. 

Family dynamics have since shifted for the better. My husband has opened up
more towards me and trusts my inner voice. He even started to encourage me
to use my intuition when making joint decisions.

This work has helped me come back to myself and open up to the community
and offer my leadership to the neighborhood and school. I've become more clear
about what I want for the future and what my purpose is. I am feeling a lot of gratitude
for my husband and for G-d's plan. Thank you, Devora Gila!"   R.W., Dating Coach

I Feel More Respected and Supported by My Family

"I knew I was ready to work with Devora Gila when I was run-down from catering to my children, carrying a full load of the housework, treating clients, and doing everything for everyone. I was so physically run down, I didn't think I'd have the energy to help myself, and doubted that I could find the time. After our first two sessions, I gained deep insight into why I ended up in that situation. Not only that, but I also understood profoundly many aspects of my life Devora Gila stood by me with love and compassion as I made this discovery.

Now I have taken time off from working with clients to take care of myself—something I never even imagined. For the first time ever, I have implemented changes in my house and have delegated the chores among family members. I feel more respected and supported from my husband and children now than ever before. I am excited about continuing my work with Devora Gila and I can't wait to discover what else will be possible for me and my family."  
C. B., Naturopath

My Daughter and I Improved our Relationship

"My teenage daughter and I were caught in cycle of negative emotions for a while. She kept blaming me and I kept feeling disrespected.  After a quick check-in with Devora Gila in between sessions,  I felt so empowered and was able to help  my daughter. We were able to understand each other in a wonderful meeting of hearts and minds. Thank you, Devora Gila!"   P.H., Energy Healer/Spiritual Coach


Looking Forward to Our Continued Work Together

"With Devora Gila’s coaching and healing, I have experienced significant changes in my life and business this past year. I’ve gained understanding on how to move forward. I have a roadmap how to bring it all back into line.

I’m grateful to be doing what I love in the Land of Israel. I’ve doubled my income this past year.

After working with Devora Gila on compassion for myself and others, I was able to get my son diagnosed and find a school where he is now happy and succeeding.  My husband and I have improved our communication as well.

Finally, I have gained a lot of insight into who I am. I know myself a lot better, and I am learning to accept myself more. In the coming year, my goal is to integrate my health, family, life and business to feel more balanced. I want to continue being connected to who I am and nourish that. I’m looking forward to continuing our work together."  Yael Enkin, Artist

I See New Possibilities for Myself

“I came to Devora Gila to discover inner goals and talents and to move towards achieving them and making them real. The internal transformation and healing has been profound and I feel reborn after deconstructing false stories in my history. Devora Gila is like a lightbearer on my life journey, revealing the hidden paths that were there for me to take all along.”   R.T., Doula


I've Discovered My G-dliness

"Thank you so much Devora-Gila!  Our work together is truly amazing, and I am blessed to know you and to receive your help and guidance.  You are a beautiful shining light for me, an angel, as I make my way closer and closer to G-dliness.  I am in awe."   A.T., Mother

More Inner Strength to Stand Up for Myself

"Talking to Devora Gila brings out the best in me, my “inner-self leader” and my inner trust in the Divine. My whole attitude has changed because of our work. Through the spirit behind her words she made it clear that I had what it takes to stand up for myself, because I wasn’t one-hundred percent sure that I did. She believed in me to help me summon my own inner strength.  As a result, this was the first time in nine years that I finally had the guts to approach the neighbors and confront them about their leaking windows and how it affects my home. I calmly explained the problem, why it makes sense for them to pay to have it fixed, and offered to give them the name of someone who could fix them. This was possible only because my work with Devora Gila gave me the inner strength to not give in.P.H., Energy Healer/Spiritual Coach

I Made Important Shifts

"When I’m working with Devora Gila, I can be perfectly honest about where I am in my challenges. I had a particular blind spot to my perspective that I hadn’t paid attention to before. She listened as I explored that blind spot, and she shared her observation clearly with me without imposing it on me. That bolstered my own inner observer and allowed me to make the shift I needed." P.H., Energy Healer/Spiritual Coach

Feeling Successful as a New Life Coach

"Devora Gila created the space for me to feel the courage to move forward in my coaching business from my own intuition. I had my first sample session today and it was fantastic—could not have asked for a better session. The process was seamless and we were both very happy with the results. Best of all, my client made a note to recommend me to two of her friends!"  M.K., Life Coach

I Used to Put Others First

"Before working with Devora Gila, I felt unhappy and insecure. I had always put others first before taking care of myself. Then after moving away from my family, I finally decided to do everything possible to help myself. That's when I asked Devora Gila to work with me. I've learned to become more confident. I've even healed my relationship with my father – I've had the courage to let him know what I need and he's been responsive. Now, instead of criticizing me, he encourages me to take more care of myself!"  S., Artist

Deep Understanding

“Devora is super-thoughtful and sincere, and has a wonderful way of understanding the deep meaning of how people feel.  K.Y., Life Coach

Sacred Sessions

“I didn’t get enough sleep last night, but I rushed to get myself ready to meet with you. These sessions are sacred. You are saving my life!” J.M., Marketing Specialist

Staying Calm 

"I recently discovered that a former employer withheld about $130,000 in pension funds from me. While I was shocked, I was able to approach the issue calmly because of the work we had done together. In fact, whenever I make a decision, it's as if you're in the back of my mind guiding me in the process." Anonymous

A Great Sounding Board

"Your listening skills and suggestions are always relevant and on topic. I really appreciate that you are a great sounding board as well as a coach and that my sessions are really "self-directed" to a point. I really appreciate it." Anonymous