"Devora’s coaching transcends the typical...I walked away with much love for myself. And for that, I am eternally grateful. If you are a mother who puts herself last, do yourself a favor and talk to Devora Gila Berkowitz." 

Carol Williams
Productivity Coach


Hi, I’m Devora and I help women like you to feel more relaxed, peaceful and balanced in your life, work and business.

It starts with tuning into your body, embracing your emotions and nurturing your divine connection so you can take better care of yourself, have more energy and be in the flow.


My mission is to help you feel free, calm and connected… so you can get out of stress and overwhelm once and for all.


"Before Devora's coaching, I was working very hard, but that's just it, everything was so hard. Devora's compassion and focus made me realize how much pain I was forcing myself through. She helped me come to grips with my need to change. I realized it wasn't about quitting, it was about making adjustments to realign, to feel more flow and enjoyment. Now I have naturally found my path - and it feels so right, and so much easier. Thank you!" 

Karen Carlson
Videographer and Coach


"I really appreciate the amazing session -- Thank you!
I've successfully been fully present with my kids...! I had a total Aha moment and have received a sense of peace from my revelation... It has lit a spark in me that I needed. You have a beautiful gift ....the world needs you! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!"

Jen Ilonze
Outsourcing Strategist



Discover More Ease and Flow...

for Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals

who feel pulled in different directions by work and family


  • Have time for yourself… instead of saying “yes” to everyone, feeling overwhelmed with what’s on your plate and wishing you could clone yourself
  • Be balanced and grounded… instead of rising a rollercoaster of “to do” and juggling balls in the air
  • Feel open and connected… instead of stressed and frustrated from pushing yourself
  • Be energetic and healthy… instead of drained, depleted or burned out




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It’s time to feel more relaxed, calm and connected. 
Let me show you how. 


"I was struggling with making my work harder than it needs to be.I was experiencing some exhaustion from a strenuous creative cycle, and I needed to find a way to make it easier. Through our session, I realized that the attitudes that made my experience harder than it needed to be, weren't even mine! It's hard to find people who can go as deeply and as intuitively as Devora did with me. She used her skills to help me open up to see clearly and release the source of my struggles. It was amazing, and life-changing. Thank you Devora, for your powerful work!"

Sandy Freschi
Human Design Specialist


If you feel ready to explore how to have more ease and flow in a supportive way that feels right for you...

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"I value all that you are doing as my coach and you are giving me what I need. I appreciate your insight and instincts to go into that meditation with me today, as that was a very valuable experience to release negative energy and to infuse myself with new life-affirming energy and to have a process I can use on my own, when these situations arise in the future. THANK YOU FOR THAT MEDITATION!"

Joy Torchia
Torchlight Consulting Services


If you're pushing yourself and working hard
and putting others first until you're coming apart at the seams, let's talk.

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