"Ease and Flow for Entrepreneurs" Group Program


  Ready for more ease and flow?  

Don't let these uncertain times keep you stuck in your life and business!



 Are any of these issues keeping you stuck? 

  • feeling overwhelmed and scattered
  • stressed from too much to do with not enough time
  • juggling too many balls in the air and can't focus on one thing

  • fear of failure
  • fear of putting yourself out there and feeling like a fraud 
  • fear of what others may think 
  • fear of creating consistent income

  • stuck in patterns of "not good enough" or "who am I to do this?"
  • confused about knowing what direction to go in
  • don't know if you're on the right track
  • feel like you're not trusting your intuition

  • perfectionism and "analysis paralysis"
  • avoidance and procrastination
  • comparing yourself to others
  • health issues
  • life transitions such as moving
  • relationship challenges
  • unresolved past issues, including abuse! 


As a result of these obstacles, you're unable to take appropriate action 
...and miss out on getting results, 
making money, and moving forward.  


What if you could remove the obstacles

and move forward with more ease and flow in your life and business? 


"My experience in the group session was awesome. Devora helped me to get clear on a mindset block so that I could show up in a client call fully authentic -- versus showing up in anxiety which was my concern and why I asked for help. As a result, I rocked the client call and have had additional business opportunities because of it! Devora's work is powerful!
Lisa Duerre, Executive Coach

"Oh Devora, thank you! The energetic experience of safety you created for our session was crystal clear. Your guided meditation grounded me in a field of Love and your skilled, gentle questions guided me seamlessly into what was next for me in receiving healing. Your presence is rooted in the Divine and your skill in excellent training and practice. I appreciate you." Tina Browne Hart, ADHD Coach

"You have a real gift for this work. You facilitate these sessions beautifully. Both of the sessions I've done with you have had both an immediate and lasting impact on me. It's brought me clarity and peace and that's priceless." 
Joanna Bartlett, Grief Recovery Specialist


Being an entrepreneur is an ever-evolving process.

We are always growing, learning and healing.

Different challenges will get triggered at different times.

The solution is to have emotional and spiritual support to help you move forward so you can get to higher levels as a business owner.  



"Ease and Flow for Entrepreneurs" could be a fit if you are: 

  • feeling stressed or overwhelmed in your life or business

  • committed to experiencing new possibilities for your life or business

  • willing to be transparent so you can get the support you need 

  • open to tapping into your intuition, inner guidance and connection to divine Source to support you in bigger ways than ever before

  • ready to move forward from a place of peace, alignment and empowerment rather than overwhelm and stress

    ... And if you are currently in a business training or mastermind program it will help you get better return on that investment 




"I was blown away by the way Devora got right to the heart of the matter. It felt like there was a strong intuition and wisdom at work along with excellent coaching skills and tools tailed for the individual. All in a loving and gentle container." 
Angie Evans, Birth Education and Support 

"Devora held a beautiful space and guided the meditations, picked up on what was coming up and seemed to do the right things and ask the right questions that brought me great insights and energy shifts. I experience a release of tension in my shoulders and throat area, got a clear message of what to focus on next and that taking it step by step is the right way to go. I felt very centered after the session. The issues other participants brought up also resonated with me and I got insights and stress relief from that as well."  
Mojca Henigman, NLP Coach 



 "Devora did a masterful job at facilitating the group process and guiding the focus so that we could all benefit from each others' experiences. She created a safe environment where sharing was encouraged. I feel more expansive and relaxed with the flow of money into my business and I believe that being in this state of expansiveness and flow will allow me to be more creatively inspired..." Sandy Freschi, Human Design Specialist




"Now I believe it's possible for me
to bring myself in to that state of clarity, calm and power whenever I need to,
and create my life and business from a more empowered place,
rather than with confusion and overwhelm."
- Mojca Henigman, NLP Coach


Here’s What It Includes:


1. Coaching Component: 

  • 12 powerful breakthrough group coaching sessions that engage body, mind, heart and soul

  • Group sessions meet 2x/month (60-75 minutes) for 6 months 

  • Receive personalized "hot seat" coaching and healing to access your inner guidance and have quick and deep breakthroughs

  • Powerful release of emotional blocks to transform who you are as a feminine leader and business owner

  • Daily Divine scans and energetic treatments for what you need on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels
  • Safe and supportive group environment:  the power of being observed and learning from other participants' experiences,
    reinforcing that you are not alone, and that we all struggle with the same challenges

  • A sacred space to shift your energy, get aligned and inspired, become empowered and connect with others who care about your progress

  • Goal setting and accountability from session to session over the course of time so you can keep moving forward

  • Recordings of all group calls so you can catch up if you've missed one, or review, re-experience and reinforce the powerful coaching moments 

  • Two 25-minute private sessions to assess where you are in your business, and in your life in general, to help you get the best results possible

2. During the live classes, Devora will: 

  • Support you in a mind-body-heart-soul process to access your innermost guidance for the best solutions in your business.

  • Help you heal emotional blocks so you can go past your fears, and anything else that is keeping you stuck 

  • Provide a space to access profound inner peace, alignment, confidence and empowerment

  • Create a unique sacred space for you to experience deep shifts and breakthroughs 

  • Support you in going forward in ways that work for you with joy and balance, ease and flow

  • Send special custom healing from the Divine for what is in your highest and best in the moment

  • Intuitively ask questions and provide feedback to support you in moving forward in a way that's aligned with you

The coaching for each person will benefit all.



3. During your private sessions, Devora will: 

  • Connect with you at the beginning of the program to:

    • assess with you where you are in your life and business

    • understand what are your strengths and weaknesses

    • set up your Daily Divine scan and energetic treatments for the course of the program 

  • Connect with you towards the end of the program to:

    • celebrate your progress in life and business

    • review what you learned over the six months

    • support you to plan your next steps



4. Divine-Healing-in-the-Background Component 

It feels like your prayers getting answered!

Many entrepreneurs get stuck in their business because of life issues that get in the way. This can include health issues, life transitions such as moving, relationship challenges, or unresolved past issues, including abuse! 

You receive remote healing transmissions delivered from divine Source to support you to move forward in your business between our sessions. This healing reduces stress-causing obstacles in your life to free you up to achieve results in your business. 

How would it feel to know and even sense that Source is there in the background helping you shift your energy for your highest purpose?

*Healing is sent via Source 24/7 to support you. You won't feel or notice that you are receiving the healing. May be used regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs, can be used with any other medical or healing practices and won't interfere with those or over-process your system.  



5. Bonus Healing Transmissions and Activations*

This valuable bonus energy healing component will be delivered as soon as you register and for the duration of the program to support you to move forward in your business feeling ease and flow, focused, productive and confident. 


"Ease and Flow" Healing Transmissions



This healing will help you move through life and business more easily. You will feel supported by your divine Source and experience greater levels of joy, you will feel more flexible, relaxed and at peace.

You will feel more creative and notice possibilities and new opportunities opening up for you. If you tune in, you will notice Divine intervention happening for you more often. 

Here's what people are saying about this healing: 

"The good vibes for ease and flow have been massive."

"I've been feeling intensely creative and a lot more easygoing than is usual for me, I tend to err on the side of anxiety and over-planning."

"Noticing that my breathing space has opened up and I'm living more consciously in gratitude, softening on my inner critic, hearing myself saying "that's ok" and "that's good enough" 

"I'm really amazed about how much peace, excitement and happiness I feel!"

"I don't feel like I'm climbing a vertical Everest where I couldn't even see the peak. I'm still climbing but the climb isn't as steep. I don't feel the same amount of effort needs to go into every little thing I do."

"I was able to tap into feminine leadership energy to dig deep into my intuition .... I really shifted and it shifted the dynamics."

"I have felt more ease and flow in my life this month so keep sending your amazing healing energy this way."


Focus, Clarity, and Productivity Activation


This healing will help you to get clarity on what to focus on so you can set your priorities easily. It will help you to more easily create systems to increase your ability to stay organized. You'll feel yourself getting things done step by step and notice that you are more productive and efficient. As a result, you will accomplish more in less time and achieve results more quickly than ever before.


Here's what people are saying about this healing: 

  • "I got a lot done this week without pressure." 
  • "I'm more focused and clear."
  • "I feel more energetic lately and more clear and I can analyze things better."
  • "I strongly feel the urge to be productive. I'm also feeling clear to express self in direct and sharp way."
  • "I am doing all the things I set out to do and am having a productive week!"
  • "Things felt easier this week and I got more done than expected. I finally had a productive week. I even finished my assignment 24 hours early!!"
  • "I have noticed clarity in my thought process. I developed a habit to write down every idea I have in a special notebook. I feel energized, aware and very on target."
  • "I have the first and second quarter of next year planned for both professional and personal life."



"Skyrocket Your Self-Worth" 

Healing Transmissions

This healing will help foster a deep knowing of your personal self-worth as a creation of the Divine so you can open up to receiving great things coming to your life. As you increase your inner knowing of “I CAN,” this modality will help you to recognize and act upon opportunities that increase your sense of self-worth and self-confidence in any situation.

Here's what people are saying about this healing: 

  • "I feel a lot of movement towards me. I'm getting very good and unusual feedback from people saying I'm inspiring them greatly."

  • "Everything's shifting. I woke up from a dream feeling super confident, like everything just fell into place." 

  • "I have a completely different attitude and perspective on life and a lot more patience with myself and others."

  • (After receiving a $40,000 promotion): "I'm tearing up and have a huge smile at the same time! My life has changed so much over the last few weeks, it's awesome!"



"Better Boundaries" Healing Activation


This healing will help you to naturally create better boundaries in your personal and professional life. This will free up your time and energy so you can focus on moving forward in your business. By increasing your ability create healthy boundaries, you will feel more freedom in your relationships, both personal and professional. This includes family, clients and colleagues. 

Here's what people are saying about this healing: 

  • "My client kept repeating her fears over and over. I told her I can only work with her if she is committed to getting out of her story. While it was hard for her to hear that in the moment, she thanked me and now we have a better relationship. As a result, she is amazing results from the coaching."

  • "You supported me in creating healthy boundaries with a person I care about yet wish to protect myself from. Within less than 24 hours my relationship with this person shifted in a way that allowed me to free myself"

  • "I set boundaries for my child in a way that surprised me. I feel a major shift within me regarding my ability to set boundaries."


 "Devora leads you into your own body, heart, and soul to find the truth." - Kathryn Lavanture Wylde, Sound Healer



About Your Coach and Energy Facilitator: Devora Gila Berkowitz

  • I'm a recovering perfectionist and high-achieving Harvard graduate who finds meaning and fulfillment as a wife and mom of kids ages 7-17. I am trained as a Life Coach, Energy Healer and yoga teacher. I have learned from some of the world's most masterful coaches and healers. 

  • As a Team Coach since 2016 with The Coaches Console, I’ve had hundreds of interactions with entrepreneurs that have helped me deeply understand the mind and heart of entrepreneurs, such as service practitioners, coaches and healers. As a result, I can help entrepreneurs shift their energy quickly and get into action with more ease and flow in their life and business.

  • For the past two decades I've transformed my life towards higher levels of health, wellness and abundance after overcoming "poverty mindset", life-threatening trauma, PTSD and the devastating effects of chronic illness. This journey has supported me to grow in self-acceptance and patience as a parent with children of special needs. 

  • Now I'm on a mission to help entrepreneurs connect with their intuitive guidance so they can make money with more ease and flow, clarity, calm and confidence to shine their light into the world and make a lasting impact. I love what I do! 



"This session helped me realize that I've been approaching a current problem with old energy that was rooted in patterns of not feeling good enough. I was bringing a feeling panic and constriction into my current situation. In the session, I had insight into seeing that I am bigger than the pattern, and then if I can keep an awareness and spaciousness around it, I have more choices in how I can respond. I can treat it like a puzzle or a game, instead of a sword hanging over my head."
Chris Kiesling, Life Coach


"I came to the session overwhelmed and not feeling confident about my business plans. I found myself procrastinating because I had trouble prioritizing. Being in this group helped me see that just like everyone else, I can only do one thing at a time. And as others' work is valuable, so is mine. I realized it is possible to get it done and that I will be successful. Devora helps you get in touch with the Divine within and did a great job of listening and understanding." Brian Smith, Life Coach and Grief Partner 


I'd love to do this but... 

I'm busy/sick/we're moving, etc.  Life happens. And when you don't have the emotional support in place in your life, then "pattern interrupts" such as family emergencies, moving, and health issues can disrupt the flow of life and business, get you out of your routine, and make it harder to move forward. This program will help you process your emotions and get back on your feet faster so you don't have to spend time and energy, leaving money on the table, while you're figuring out what to do next. All you have to do is show up to our session (or listen to the replay) twice a month. 

I don't have enough time. This is one of the issues we help you move through so that you can have enough time. This program is designed to give you the most value for your time. There is no homework or content to learn and implement on the side. Everything happens in the call. Then you are free to apply your new insights, perspectives and mindsets and get into action in your business.  

I'm already in another business group/have a coach.  I believe in having support and am grateful to have invested well over $10,000 dollars in my personal growth and business. If your current group or coach do not help you address and heal your deepest underlying patterns and decades-old behaviors, or help you to shift your energy so you can remove obstacles that are getting in your way, then this work will complement that program and support you to have even greater success. 




Save money over working 1-1 with me*

Healing Activations and Transmissions Start as Soon as You Register


If you have a question about the program, you can email me at dgb@devoragilaberkowitz.com 

If you would like to set up a 15-minute conversation to talk about how this program can help you, you can schedule time with me here. 



Space is limited to six participants.

When: TBA  A time will be found that is good for all. 

How:  Zoom conferencing online. Attend by video or phone. 


Founding Members Price:  6 payments of $300/month 








I’m dedicated to helping entrepreneurs like you
to co-create deep breakthroughs with the Divine
for more clarity, confidence and empowerment
so you can make money with more ease and flow 
and shine your light into the world.