Mastermind Business Support

for Empaths, Lightworkers, Visionaries and Heart-Based Soul-Centered Entrepreneurs



As a kid did you wonder how you ended up on planet earth? Like who dropped you off here and when are they coming back to pick you up and take you home?

And, by the way, where is the operating manual or guide book for planet Earth -- because how people act and think here is completely foreign to you?

Are you realizing that you are on assignment as a planetary change agent to help free people from the matrix of control so they can help birth the New Earth?

Imagine working with a group of like-minded people, in a mastermind whose goal is to impact millions and create a new planetary system that benefits all of life.




  • highly sensitive and empathic service practitioners who want to change the world

  • you want to impact many people with your gifts and talents

  • you easily connect to Divine guidance or want to learn how 

  • overwhelmed or overloaded by so much information you receive 


  • it's hard to focus or be in the present moment

  • you have a fear of the future or feel stuck the past

  • you have poor personal boundaries

  • possibly experienced psychic attacks






  • take back your personal power so you can manifest what you want

  • break free of what's holding you back to be your best self and manifest results in your business

  • become more grounded and present to stand in your truth no matter what

  • be in the Divine Flow so you can stay out of fear, overwhelm and other negative emotions 


  • tools to get clear and reliable Divine guidance so you know what steps to take in your business 

  • get out of a downward spiral and get back into your online business

  • rebound quickly from setbacks

  • clear your system of negative energies and entities

  • techniques you can use to get out of your own way on a daily basis so you never stay stuck


Experience the power of the collective as we tune into Source consciousness.






  • A small, intimate group to allow for personal attention and focus

  • 2x monthly online meetings over Zoom conferencing

  • Recordings of all calls if you miss a session and to review the powerful coaching moments

  • Release work including a Deep Clearing Protocol 

  • Facebook group to stay connected in between sessions



Energy Healing Treatments for Life and Business (Value: $1000)



What clients are saying about this: 

"I've been feeling intensely creative and a lot more easygoing than is usual for me, I tend to err on the side of anxiety and over-planning."

"Noticing that my breathing space has opened up and I'm living more consciously in gratitude, softening on my inner critic, hearing myself saying "that's ok" and "that's good enough" 

"I'm really amazed about how much peace, excitement and happiness I feel!"

"I don't feel like I'm climbing a vertical Everest where I couldn't even see the peak. I'm still climbing but the climb isn't as steep. I don't feel the same amount of effort needs to go into every little thing I do."

"I was able to tap into feminine leadership energy to dig deep into my intuition .... I really shifted and it shifted the dynamics."

"I have felt more ease and flow in my life this month so keep sending your amazing healing energy this way."

"I got a lot done this week without pressure." 

"I'm more focused and clear."

"I feel more energetic lately and more clear and I can analyze things better."

"I strongly feel the urge to be productive. I'm also feeling clear to express self in direct and sharp way."



BONUS #2:        

Discover Your Empathic Superpowers and Learn How to Manage Them  

(Value: $1000.00)

What clients are saying about this: 


Thank you for all you have done in facilitating my healing and I have a better awareness of what I feel and know it matters now. I can not thank you enough. It was one of my deeper healings in the Removal of Toxic Emotions Certification program so far. I am grateful to you.

March 5. 2016 Trinidad and Tobago, Reenee Mahabir, Removing Toxic Emotions Practitioner


Congrats my friend! You are moving through space and time to become a very, very well known and revered leader in helping people regain their lives. I am so very glad to be your friend. Pamela Cournoyer, Leadership, Coach, Executive Coach, Corporate Communication

I liked his ability to get to the heart of the matter my deepest problems at a spiritual level. I respect his ability to take authority in the mater respecting cultural traditions. Very knowledgeable

Tyhson can meet anyone at the table he will also make you or them, whom ever place all your their marbles on the table even the ones you want to hide in your pocket or save for later, he welcomes your darkest experiences to the table in a comfortable way.. He is fun to work with easy to communicate with, respectful, quite honestly, I am liberated by his presence. Tyhson has earned my deepest respect. Jennifer j. Kim, Toxic Emotion Practitioner, Hawaii, February 26, 2016

Hello Tyhson, going through our meetings has helped me end that story no matter what. And close that door. I was validating my time this way. Spiritually holds a dominant place in my reality. And I know that my existence does not belong to this world. They, meaning spiritual people, have told me that I was born spiritual. And my mission is to heal souls and influence the world with my writing. Thx u for breaking that cycle of the Never ending story. Annette T.

 The only thing I wish, is that I would have started earlier with this great program. It absolutely changed my life. I’m soooo grateful Tyhson. John









     Tyhson Banigen


  • Master of Arts Degree in Whole Systems Design with a focus on Organizational Renewal.

  • Lecturer in the Communications Department at Simon Fraser University on Communication in Conflict and Intervention and designed and taught Community Economic Development Models and Case Studies.

  • Founder of  a non-profit charitable society called TIES – Turtle Island Earth Stewards that since 1975 has raised millions of dollars, created intentional communities, community land trusts, placed forests into trust and worked on many environmental international development projects in third world countries.

  • Environmental and sustainability consultant from the local watershed level and at the provincial and federal levels of government in Canada, and as an member of the Canadian delegation to the United Nations.

  • Chairperson at the UN for all the non-governmental organizations (NGO) delegates.

  • As a gifted intuitive has learned how to obtain and follow guidance and assist groups to make consensus decisions through guidance. This method was used by The Turtle Island Fund, a committee of the Threshold Foundation, to allocate $5 million dollars to charities, so I know this process works. 

    "Thank you Tyhson Banigen for showing up as part of “my team”! I’m happy to provide testimony for your incredible presence. The work we do together is powerful and we are doing it for the good of everyone…not just you and me. I’m so honored to have you in my life and to work with you on many different levels.

    There’s so much more to LIFE than what we know. We came here with our Spirits and energy set forth by a higher power. USE what you have that was placed inside of you to do GREAT things.”

    Devora Gila Berkowitz


  • I'm a recovering perfectionist and high-achieving Harvard graduate who finds meaning and fulfillment as a wife and mom of kids ages 7-17. I am trained as a Life Coach, Energy Healer and yoga teacher. I have learned from some of the world's most masterful coaches and healers. I'm currently training to be a Certified Medical Intuitive. 

  • As a Team Coach since 2016 with The Coaches Console, I’ve had hundreds of interactions with entrepreneurs that have helped me deeply understand the mind and heart of entrepreneurs, such as service practitioners, coaches and healers. As a result, I can help entrepreneurs shift their energy quickly and get into action with more ease and flow in their life and business.

  • For the past two decades I've transformed my life towards higher levels of health, wellness and abundance after overcoming "poverty mindset", life-threatening trauma, PTSD and the devastating effects of chronic illness. This journey has supported me to grow in self-acceptance and patience as a parent with children of special needs. 

  • Now I'm on a mission to help entrepreneurs connect with their intuitive guidance so they can make money with more ease and flow, clarity, calm and confidence to shine their light into the world and make a lasting impact.

    "Oh Devora, thank you! The energetic experience of safety you created for our session was crystal clear. Your guided meditation grounded me in a field of Love and your skilled, gentle questions guided me seamlessly into what was next for me in receiving healing. Your presence is rooted in the Divine and your skill in excellent training and practice. I appreciate you." Tina Browne Hart, ADHD Coach

    "You have a real gift for this work. You facilitate these sessions beautifully. Both of the sessions I've done with you have had both an immediate and lasting impact on me. It's brought me clarity and peace and that's priceless." Joanna Bartlett, Grief Recovery Specialist



  • Meeting day and time TBA
  • We will meet at a time that works for everyone


Regular Price: ($430/mo)

FOUNDING MEMBERS: $333/month for 6 months

Compare to $10,000+ for other masterminds

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