More Time and Energy Exploratory Call

Are you ready to reduce stress and have more time and energy?


Many of the women I've spoken to wish they had more time for themselves,
more open space in their day or to take time off.

Many of them are busy moms who feel pulled in different directions by work and family.

They want to stop feeling drained and depleted and find ways to have more energy.

They want to feel good, be positive, go with the flow, feel more grounded and balanced and enjoy life more.

If this sounds like you, then you're in the right place. 

So if you are motivated to reduce your stress, create more time for yourself and have more energy so you can feel healthier and be happier,  then this free session is for you.  


I invite you to a "More Time and Energy" Exploratory Call 
(Complimentary for a limited time / $97 value),

--> This 25-minute laser-focused session is for high-achieving women who are ready to learn how to be happier and healthier. There is no obligation attached. 
I will help you to finally get clear on the vision you have for your well-being and identify what's holding you back from having more time for yourself and more energy in your life. 
By the end of the session, you'll choose what your next step will be in order to create more time for yourself and have more energy so you can feel healthier and be happier. 
If it feels like a fit, I will be happy to explore ways I can help you to make the changes you want for your life. If it's not a fit, this conversation still remains a gift for you and you receive my blessings to incorporate your new insights into your life. 

There are limited spaces in my calendar, so I encourage you to claim your space by clicking the link below.


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"More Time and Energy" Exploratory Call




"Before Devora's coaching, I was working very hard, but that's just it, everything was so hard. Devora's compassionate and focused questions made me realize how much pain I was forcing myself through. She helped me come to grips with my need to change. I realized it wasn't about quitting, it was about making adjustments to realign, to feel more flow and enjoyment. Now I have naturally found my path - and it feels so right, and so much easier. Thank you!" 

-Karen Carlson, Videographer and Coach