My Favorite Entrepreneurial Nuggets from 2019


As a Team Coach for The Coach's Console since 2016, I want to share my favorite nuggets from our 2019 Coaching Business Accelerator Program, led by Melinda Cohen and Kate Steinbacher.


  1. Remember how expansive your ripple effect is. 

  2. Be in discomfort while in my zone.

  3. Keep it simple. 

  4. Capture the “yes” energy.

  5. Watch how all the dots connect. 

  6. Your Villains can’t survive the action you take. 

  7. No more hiding. 

  8. It’s not about “Am I worth it?” It’s about their saying that THEY are worth it. 

  9. Enrollment conversations are fun… I’m going to support you to your best decision and help you get out of your way. 

  10. My timing is perfect according to my chosen lifestyle. 

  11. Implementing -- Accountability -- Getting results. 

  12. What do I want more in my business that I already have, and what can I do to feel more of what I want to feel? 

  13. The way to move forward is to move forward. 

  14. Don’t let anything sway you from the clarity you received… Trust the clarity! 

  15. Research is confidence. 

  16. How can I put myself out there in bigger and bolder ways so I can serve people in bigger and bolder ways? 

  17. You can only control who you think you are. What you think of me is not my business. 

  18. Things don’t happen to us, they happen for us. 

  19. Consistency… trust the process...surrender. 

  20. Always get paid to create. 

  21. Be deliberate and keep going!

  22. There’s no time to waste. What you give your time to is what you prioritize. 

  23. Money is the inevitable reward for helping people transform their lives!