Devora offers individualized programs based on your needs to help you:


  • get out of overwhelm and stress... so you can feel more calm and relaxed

  • stop feeling like you're juggling or playing catch-up all the time... to have more freedom and enjoy your life more

  • stop neglecting yourself... and feel happier and healthier

  • no longer feel like you have to say “yes” to everyone and allow other people to take up your time... and finally put yourself at the top of the list

  • recharge your batteries so you can stop being drained and run down... and start feeling more energetic

  • get out of overdrive and off the rollercoaster of "to do"... in order to stay in the flow and have more fun

  • avoid burning out and getting ill 

When you change one area of your life, it affects other aspects as well --
improving your health, finances and relationships,
making life better for you and your loved ones. 


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"Devora’s coaching transcends the typical... and for that I am eternally grateful. 
If you are a mother who puts herself last, do yourself a favor and talk to Devora Gila Berkowitz." 
Carol Williams, Productivity Coach 


“I didn’t get enough sleep last night, but I rushed to get myself ready to meet with you.
These sessions are sacred. You are saving my life!”  Satisfied Client


"Before Devora's coaching, I was working very hard, but that's just it, everything was so hard. Devora's compassionate and focused questions made me realize how much pain I was forcing myself through. She helped me come to grips with my need to change. I realized it wasn't about quitting, it was about making adjustments to realign, to feel more flow and enjoyment. Now I have naturally found my path - and it feels so right, and so much easier. Thank you!"  Karen Carlson, Videographer/Coach



I take exquisite care of committed clients through my "Exquisite Client Care" System: 

  • Highly focused and supportive 40-minute Coaching/Healing sessions typically within the first three full weeks of the month to allow for processing and implementation.

  • Call Strategy tool that helps you prepare for our call, to get us completely focused, so that you can derive the most value from your session. 

  • Post-Session Recap tool for immediate accountability and insight, to let you fully integrate your coaching experience and important take-aways from the session, so you can create new habits more quickly 

  • Access to Coach in an online client log between sessions for ‘just in time’ coaching, where you can communicate your challenges, questions, breakthroughs and successes so you can keep the momentum going

  • Private Client Portal to keep all of your notes, forms and correspondence organized for your convenience so you can retrieve what you need to get better results faster

  • Additional Resources – Exercises, tools, templates, etc, for added benefit on your personal growth journey.

    YOUR JOURNEY OF TRANSFORMATION - 4 Steps to Ease and Flow
    My clients achieve quick breakthroughs when I guide them through this process:

STEP #1 – Awareness

Recognize the specific beliefs, emotions and behaviors that are causing overwhelm

STEP #2 – Release

Be present, acknowledge and accept yourself on deep levels, so you can let go of decades-old energetic blocks

STEP #3 – Creation

Let your intuitive guidance reveal a new insight, perspective or mindset from a deep level

STEP #4 – Action

Take small, consistent steps with accountability while observing yourself without judgment …and celebrating along the way!



Are you ready to transform your life and impact the lives of those you care about? 


Working with Devora could be for you if you:

  • are willing to do what it takes to feel more aligned physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • take responsibility for your life and the choices you make
  • are excited about transforming your life 

This is NOT for you if you:

  • would rather make excuses than do what it takes to change your life
  • are not willing to be resourceful
  • do not show up and do the work
  • are currently in an abusive relationship or suffering from PTSD.
    If any of this resonates with you, then my remote Abuse Healing program is a good match for you. 


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